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Energeia is an important Greek technical term in the works of Aristotle. The two components of his coinage indicate something being “in work”. It is the etymological source of the modern word “energy”.

Over the years, I’ve toyed with playing with renewable energy. Questions such as how could I utilise renewable energy in the home to reduce my carbon foot print and become less reliant upon the national grid supplying all my energy needs; how easy it is to become energy self sufficient; how can I reduce my energy consumption over-all by taking all reasonable measures at home and work? These and other thoughts have crossed my mind many times every since the whole global warming debate became well publicised.

This blog chronicles my thoughts, experiments and trials with all these issues. I hope that those of you who follow this blog find it interesting and perhaps a source of inspiration to experiment yourself and begin to consider your own carbon foot print and how you might be able to reduce it.

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